Collectible Summit Patches
Fully Embroidered Collectible Patches
Each patch is 4" by 4" and contains Summit height in Feet/Meters, GPS of the Summit and State or Location of the Mountain.  Available Mail order or via our On-Line Web Store.
Mt. Whitney  -  This patch captures the drama of Whitney’s silver and gray granite summit. The ‘snow’ on this patch is white, solar-glow thread that gives the patch a 3-D look. 

/ Fujisan
- Commemorate your ascent of My Fuji.  Patch shows the Fuji's name in Japanese as well as its Chinese Characters.

Mt. Shasta
- This patch shows Shasta’s North Face as the silver and grey volcanic ash give way to the snow covered summit.  

Mt. McKinley / Denali -  The patch shows the Aurora Borealis, the Big Dipper and a snow covered Denali against a black sky.  Denali National Park, Alaska.

Sawtooth Peak - Mineral King, Sequoia National Park, California. The white, decomposed granite of Sawtooth looks like snow.  Hikers say getting to the summit is like climbing a 12,000 foot sand dune. You can see Mt. Whitney from the summit.

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