Collectible Summit Patches
Links - at Mineral King in Sequoia National Park.  Three Rivers is the Southern Entrance to Sequoia National Park.  Twenty Six miles East of Three Rivers is Mineral King.  Get on the Mineral King Road at the Hammond Fire Station. 

The Silver City Resort is few miles shy of the Mineral King Valley.  The food is great, the staff friendly and they can put you up for the night (if you have reservations.) They are usually open May though September. 
If you are going to climb Sawtooth Peak, The Silver City Resort is a great place to stay.

Note: The Mineral King Road makes the Road to Hana look like a walk in the park.  Not for the faint of heart!
/ - Kelty is still the best general service backpack around.  A life saver for long distance runners / hikers.  True, they make this stuff in Vermont to keep Dairy Cows from getting chaffed udders.  No, I am not making this up.  If you get chaffing sores on your back or shoulders or WHERE-EVER, well,  if it's
good enough for Ben and Jerry's Cows...
- Palm Springs Aerial Tramway  - I got to the summit of Mount San Jacinto the old fashion way, I hiked to the top.  But the Aerial Tramway is a blast;  a must do if you are in Palm Springs.  I am going to make a Mt. San Jacinto patch one of these days.
Public television series with Huell Howser  about a range of California locations.  Huell,  a giant ex-United States Marine in waffle stompers drags a cameraman to unknown parts of California.   Compelling PBS Television I tell you.
- Big Scans of the patches I currently have for sale; Mt. Whitney, Mt. Shasta, Mt. McKinley-Denali, Mt. Fuji, Sawtooth Peak, Mineral King California. - Our on-line store.

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